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Industrial & Commercial Mechanical Insulation

We offer custom insulation systems for a variety of industries & organizations.  These systems provide lasting solutions which are designed to protect your mechanical equipment and personnel.  They can be coupled with our specialty coatings for additional benefits or used by themselves.  Please contact us with your project needs to discuss a more comprehensive list of options.    

Removable Blanket
Custom Insulation Blankets 

Our insulation blankets can be fabricated to conform to any shape of equipment needing covered and still allow optimal access for maintenance and repair.  In addition, each clients input is added to each build to optimize the functionality of the cover they purchase.  Try our high quality blankets which are proven to out perform others found in the insulation industry.   

Thermal Coating applied to a boiler head.
PPE Coatings 

We install high temperature ceramic coatings to protect your personnel from harm.  These coatings can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be applied to almost any surface or object.  Thermal insulation coatings are an excellent option to help you meet safety compliance regulations.

They also can provide a cleaner debris free option in and around food production areas.

Domestic Water Tank with Thermal Coating applied
Exhaust Duct with Themal Coating applied
Low Temperature Coatings

Eliminate condensation the right way, contact us to discuss a special low temperature coating for chilled water applications.  This coating is directly applied to the surface substrate.  This eliminates the risk of  CUI while offering better access for maintenance.  Low temperature coatings can also be coupled with conventional insulation for dual system that adds additional value, longevity and and savings.    

Whether you want to reduce building envelope temperature, lower your mechanical operating cost, or increase the longevity of your mechanical equipment, we can install a coating system to accomplish the job.  The coatings we apply can also be top coated with a desired texture and finish to meets the demands of your facility.

We offer industrial & commercial pressure washing for a variety of applications all tailored to help keep your facility clean & safe.        


Pressure Washing
 Energy Conserving Coatings



Professional Mechanical Insulators LLC

Located in Pennsylvania, PMI began in the conventional commercial and industrial mechanical insulation segment in 2010.  Our extensive training and hands on experience goes well beyond that of just an insulation contractor.  Our company has an extensive background in sheet metal fabrication, and HVAC installation.  This allows us to offer unmatched custom designed thermal systems, which are tailored to provide your mechanical equipment with the best protection at a competitive value.  Additionally, we offer proven cutting edge technologies in our industrial coatings segment.  These services are a unique offering that provides added protection and peace of mind for applications where an alternate product is a better choice.  Feel free to contact us and see why our clients love our professional services backed by experience, quality, value & integrity.         





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